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Leadership Development

Training Programs for all Leadership Levels
  • Comprehensive training programs for global audiences on all leadership levels, in German or English, in any size and format:  face-to-face, virtual remote, or hybrid
  • Develop crucial leadership skills like effective communication, change management, decision-making, innovation, and strategic thinking
  • Cultivate strong leadership qualities and inspire teams to achieve their full potential
  • Foster a positive organizational culture and empower leaders to drive growth and success

High Potential Programs

Development of Your Next Generation leaders
  • Tailored development programs to groom future leaders and key contributors
  • Provide challenging learning opportunities to unlock potential and achieve excellence
  • Develop skills and competencies around effective communication, influencing, story telling, and innovative thinking
  • Accelerate career growth and readiness for higher-level responsibilities

Team Development

Soft Skills Training Programs for All Employees
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork through customized training programs
  • Develop essential soft skills such as communication, ability to change, conflict resolution, and problem-solving
  • Foster a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes productivity and engagement
  • Strengthen team dynamics and create cohesive, high-performing teams

Coaching and Mentoring

Individual Personal Development
  • Providing a trusted and confidential space for personal and professional development
  • Unlocking potential and maximizing performance through one-on-one coaching
  • Personalized guidance and support for individual professional growth
  • Building self-confidence and self-awareness to overcome challenges

A bit more about me

Before starting my own business, I was globally responsible for people and culture development at Software AG, leading the Corporate University, the University Relations Program and the companies’ Startup Initiatives. I was also a permanent member of the M&A SWOT team.

Prior to that I worked at SAP, running various customer facing departments including Education Sales (20+ Mio € revenue), Service Delivery (60+ Mio €) and Partner Management (10+ Mio €). Since 2015 I am board member of the “European Association of Training Organizations (eato)”, an association of leading learning providers in Germany and adjacent countries.

I hold a PhD in Nature Sciences and have pursued independent study in social psychology and behavioral economics. Under my leadership, Software AG’s Corporate University was honored with the prestigious “Best Overall Corporate University worldwide” award by GlobalCCU in April 2017. Additionally, we were recognized with the “Learning! 100 Award” from Elearning! Magazine in June 2017. I am certified in DISC and fluent in both German and English.

In my free time I enjoy cooking and every kind of spicy food, practicing HIIT, and playing music. I am married, have one daugther, and two cats.

Track Record

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“Peter created an atmosphere of intimacy where all participants felt at ease to contribute. The way how he managed the group did lead to new insights and a great opportunity to reflect on the main subject of this training. Great job! Thanks!”

“The training was even more than what I had expected. Not only for the content, but also for the dynamic rhythm that Peter gave to the course, making the content even more interesting.”

“The lighthearted banter between Peter and Adam prevents the session from becoming boring or too serious, so it is easy to keeping paying attention even after three hours.”

“The best training I ever attended.”

Quotes from Students

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Phone: +49 151 1882 1600

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