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The only sustainable competitive advantage is to know your customer better than your competition.  - Forrester Research

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My offerings

Personal Innovation Coaching

This is always the first step. With my experience from over 20 years in the IT business I help you decide how to make your sales team more human-centric. 

Discovery Workshops

I identify where the shoe pinches, whether it's with your team or your customers. For this, I use an optimized Design Thinking approach and highly effective risk mitigation methods. I am the neutral facilitator who gets you and your customers talking.

Design Thinking Training for Sales

I like to think of design thinking for sales as a mindset shift – one that transforms a salesperson’s thought process from “What can I sell to you?” to “What can I learn about you?”. 

Customer Interviews

Take the burden off your sales teams and let me handle customer interviews for you. With my expertise, you can skip the interview planning process and allow your teams to focus solely on active listening, gaining valuable insights directly from your customers.

Research shows top salespeople ask 10.1 targeted, relevant questions per hour while average performers only ask 6.3. Discover something that genuinely surprises you. Look for the unmet needs in the hacks and workarounds they’ve created because their current system is failing them. - Gong Research Labs


What others say about me

I can say that Adam is an excellent facilitator and enabler. Adam's natural empathy, active listening and creative thinking approach are exceptional. As a team, we were collectively able to identify, prioritise and solve issues which we didn't even know we had prior to Adams workshop. I would highly recommend Adam as a design thinking enabler and coach.

Warren Maasdorp

SVP of partnerships and growth at SLAP Company
Your strength is in aligning people, you help the teams build and understand the vision. The Empowered Team Initiative you supported is now working, and people are much more proactive now. The way how you teach Innovation and Design Thinking is highly comprehensible, easily accessible, and simple to apply.

Niko Neuerburg

Director of Product Management at Software AG
Your Innovation Masterclass was the ultimate learning experience for me. I have gained so much from it. What is taught there is truly invaluable because it covers so many areas!

Hüseyin Aygün

Gründer aygün:digital
You have it all: the purpose, the passion and the skills.

Padma Reddy

COO Global R&D, Software AG India
I have witnessed Adam in several joint workshops with customers and colleagues. It’s really amazing how he addresses very complex problems and shows the team how to come up with easy and creative solutions. Thanks to him I fell in love with design thinking and took part in his masterclass. This has changed and improved my way of thinking and working with internal and external customers. Thanks for your passion and energy inspiring people to live a better life!

Matthias Vogt

Digital Sales Tranformator
You know that graphic that shows the intersection of “that which you love,” “that which the world needs,” “that which you can be paid for,” and “that which you are good at”? That’s Adam Egger. While the rest of the world debates about what needs to change, Adam is quietly changing it.

Heidi Clark

Learning and Development Consultant at VERISIGN
Adam is a truly inspiring person who taught me how to believe that everybody is able to be creative by focusing on the right questions and goals. His methodology is super engaging - he succeeded in engaging a worldwide group by using virtual tools and state of the art techniques. He is always accesible, friendly and emphatic with all cultures and personalities. Really enjoyed learning from him!

Guillermo Fernández - Daza

Legal Counsel at Software AG
At a blink, I would summarise Adam as a 'Growth mindset and Transformational leader' who has influenced companies, people, and helped many like me grow, perform and contribute.

Anish Velayudhan Kutty

Director | UX Design
Adam is an excellent coach and a subject matter expert for Design Thinking and Innovation. He has impeccable skills in understanding people, their body language and strengths. He helped us think out of the box and find customer-centric solutions to problems that we dealt with, be it on the business side or internal. He partnered with us on workshops and provided a structured approach to finding innovative solutions to problems. He encouraged and inspired me to bring about change. He is a friendly, fun-loving and pleasant person to work with. A great coach that any business leader would love to have by their side.

Sonali Anand

Professional Services leader

I know how to build trustful relationships

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