Innovation Masterclass for Founders          

Learn how to Create Products Your Customers Love – in Just 2 Days!


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Stop Building Products Nobody Wants. 

Learn How to Create Products Customers Love in Just 2 Days.


Unsure how to identify and reach your ideal customers?
Launching products that do not sell?
Unsure how to use LinkedIn optimally to find your ideal customers quickly?


This 2-day intensive masterclass equips you with the tools and strategies to:


  1. Understand your customers deeply.
  2. Develop innovative products that solve their problems.
  3. Use LinkedIn optimally so your target audience finds you, not you them. 
  4. Price your offering for optimal profitability.
  5. Build a sustainable business around products customers love
Use the power of LinkedIn for fast customer acquisition – no ads spend. 
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business.
Join us for the Innovation Masterclass for Founders.

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What Our Customers Say


"Your USP is your international experience in business - combined with the ability to convey your knowledge with pinpoint accuracy, especially in the virtual world."
Andrea Kahlenberg
CEO Tridot Consulting


"Your Innovation Masterclass is the non-plus-ultra training for me. I really got so much out of it. What is taught there is really very valuable, because it covered so many areas!"
Hüseyin Aygün
Founder aygün:digital